Welcome! My name is Carleigh Hyser.
I'm a graphic designer, painter, and photographer based in Newport Beach, California. I currently work for Athletes First, the biggest NFL sports agency in the industry, as a full-time graphic designer; I am thankful to have been with my company for almost 2 1/2 years! In my free time I might paint an album cover, take concert photos for bands in LA, surf, run, or snowboard... just to name a few activities. Previously, I worked with Georgia Football for 3 years as a student photographer and graphic designer. During my time at the University of Georgia I earned a degree in graphic design as well as a music business certificate. Which inclines me to tell you I am a massive music nerd. Rock and rap are my favorite but I like a bit of every genre!
But I can never forget, my interest in art dates back to 23 years ago before I could write my own name. I was lucky enough to have my grandmother as my elementary school art teacher for 9 years of my life! Without her and the support from my family and friends my whole life, I wouldn't be even close to where I am today.​​​​​​​
So, in honor of that, I've gathered pictures of my people, my art and me. Browse my story from 2023 to 2000 in pictures below!
To my family, friends, and all my supporters, thank you for everything <3
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